Practical Profit for Psychotherapists by Nicole Burgess

Practical Profit for Psychotherapists

A step by step guide in setting fees and learning basic accounting skills for private practice

What's included?

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Start Here
Begin Here.mp4
8 mins
Module 1: The Mindset Around Money
Exploring beginnings of money stories.mp4
7 mins
Self Compassion and Forgiveness.mp4
4 mins
Upper Earning Beliefs.mp4
6 mins
Action and Abundance Mindset.mp4
7 mins
Module 2: Accounting for Your Business
Setting Up Your Business.mp4
16 mins
Business Expenses Overview.mp4
18 mins
Recording Expenses.mp4
12 mins
3 mins
12 mins
Revenue and Insurance Clients.mp4
3 mins
Comparing Years of Revenue.mp4
4 mins
Profit and Loss.mp4
3 mins
Self Employment Taxes.mp4
10 mins
Private Practice No Insurance Template No Data.xlsx
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Private Practice w Insurance Template No Data.xlsx
60.5 KB
Module 3: Saving and Spending: Let's Get Personal!
Actual Personal Expenses.mp4
6 mins
Budget vs Actual expenses.mp4
10 mins
Module 4: Ready, Set Your Fees, Go!
Calculating Fee based on personal and business expenses.mp4
4 mins
10 mins
Types of Financial Professionals.mp4
13 mins
9 mins
Retirement Goals by Age.mp4
2 mins
Rule of 72
2 mins
Net Worth.xlsx
7.04 KB
Links,Books and other Resources.pdf
61.5 KB
21 mins
Cancellation and Fee Increase Samples for Informed Consent.pdf
38.7 KB
Tapping to reduce anxiety, stress, and limiting beliefs
Profit and Cash Flow
Profit and Cash Flow
11 mins
Paying Yourself in Action
12 mins
Profit and Cash Flow Temp in Action
8 mins
Wrapping Up!
4 mins